Gluten-free flatbreads (No rolling out)

A great substitute for bread, with none of the additives that so many gluten-free products have!


To make 5, 8″ flatbread

  • Equal amounts (175 grams) of Almond flour (substitute almond flour with cassava flour too) and potato starch
  • 1 egg 
  • liquid (Any type of organic milk, cashew, almond, coconut,etc,or lactose free (add another egg if making a bigger amount) 
  • Salt, pepper for savoury or a little xylitol, maple or erythritol if you are making sweet flatbreads.


  1. Stir in the egg and milk to the almond flour and potato starch until all lumps have gone. Make it as thick or runny as you prefer. Thicker(like a very thick batter mix) for naan type breads, thinner (like a thick pancake mix) for wraps. (experiment for best results)
  2. Either lightly fry in coconut oil, or place on greased baking sheet and grill or bake, until lightly brown on both sides. (If frying, make sure downside is cooked well to make flipping it easier! Turn over as many times as you like to make it crispier)
  3. One of my favourites is serving a flatbread with scrambled egg topped with rocket, tomatoes and grated carrots!

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