Happy Healthy Nut

I am a 64 year old grandma of 4, loving life and sharing some lifestyle tips with you!

Maddison and I on Alicante Beach January 2019

Eating well, alleviating stress, sleeping 7-8 hours a night and exercising, is what keeps me healthy and happy. I hope you enjoy all the information I have researched to help you and your children become the best version of yourselves!

My Mum and Dad and 3 sisters, I’m the one with the plaits 1962

This photo shows my family when we had just returned from a posting in Malta, where we had lived for the 4 previous years. Dad was in the RAF and on our return, he was allocated an Air Force house to live in, but thought it would be more fun to plonk us in a caravan on the edge of the Irish sea in Anglesey, North Wales. We lived there for 5 years with no electricity or water! That certainly set me up for life! When he retired from the RAF, following a job in Iran, he established a seafood and steak restaurant on the harbour in Broadstairs. ‘The Mad Chef’s Bistro’ had customers from all over the world enjoying extraordinary dishes he concocted way back in the 70’s.